About Us

As Principal of a Nursery School I try to guide my staff through their roles, on my experiences and their own individual talents. I have been practising Early Years Care & Education now for more than 35 years, here and abroad.

All the staff are qualified to NVQ level 3 and above.  We are a very enthusiastic, caring team with experienced professionals as well as three younger girls who are eager with fresh ideas from college.

I am fortunate to have taught both at home and abroad and have travelled widely, including educational trips. It has given me invaluable experiences and knowledge of  learning patterns, cultures, education, traditions and the way we all have the ability to learn if the environment is right.

We strive to capture the “right” environment:

Stimulate when interest is not forth coming, hold back when independence is being nurtured, yet always striving to be there when support is needed.

We shall always try to meet your needs and expectations and yet allow your child to blossom in his or her own special way.

My staff and I wish to take the opportunity to be part of their fun, whilst on their learning journey; to experience, to explore, to negotiate and to record their findings along the way whilst working with and listening to you, the main educator, the Parent / Carer.

Hopefully, we shall enjoy the journey together.

Sandra Al-Na’ama