Healthy Eating

At Twiglets we are proud of providing healthy meals with fresh ingredients purchased weekly. The setting celebrates World Milk Day on Friday 4th October and promotes the government initiative to ensure children under 5 receive free milk daily. We also learn about why it is important to drink plenty of milk to strengthen bones and partake in a healthy diet.

We ensure that meals include all five of the food groups; proteins, carbohydrates, dairy, fibre, and fruit and vegetables.

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Please see our food and drink policies:

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The NHS are running a programme called Healthy Start, which entitles parents to free fruit, veg and milk for children under 4 years old. They are also offering, in conjunction to this free vitamins (every 8 weeks) for children under 5 years old. These vouchers can be exchanged in a number of local retailers.

To see if you qualify for this scheme, please follow the link below;

Once you have checked you eligibility, you must fill out of the application form to apply for the vouchers;


The following link gives you a search engine to find local retailers that are offering the free vitamins;

Some of these places include: James Preston Health Centre, Boots (Boldmere Rd), Boldmere Health Centre and Walmley Health Centre.


Early-years-logoTwiglets are proud to have the Healthy Setting Award.