Fees and Funding

Government policy demands that ALL eligible children are able to take up high quality early education, which is benefiting to their social, physical and mental development and helping to prepare them for school.

Evidence shows that higher quality provision has greater developmental benefits for children, particularly for the youngest children.

Twiglets Nursery is clear and consistent in our expectations of continuous quality improvement of the highest quality.


Fees and Charges for January 2018 – December 2018 are as follows;

Children under 3 years: £5.24 per hour.

Children 3-5 years: £4.50 per hour.

Lunch: £2.80 per day.

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks are included at no extra charge.

Twiglets Nursery is flexible and willing to accommodate methods of payment, please speak to the Principal.


For more information on education entitlement please see our 10 1 Early Years Prospectus document.


Funding Explained

Every child aged 3 (a term after they turn 3) and 4 years old are entitled to the Early Educational Entitlement (EEE) which gives 15 hours of free nursery time in a setting of the parents choice (where possible). Any additional hours that parent require are charged at the 3-5 years price of £4.30 per hour.

Children aged 2 years may be entitled to 2 year Nursery Education Funding (NEF). To be eligible for this,  families will need to meet the criteria. In Birmingham, there is a further criterion which is aimed at children who receive additional support. Please speak to the nursery Principal to see if you fit the required criteria, you will also need to provide evidence to confirm eligibility.