Internet Safety for Young Children

It is very important to keep children safe when they are using computers and have access to the internet and online services. At Twiglets Nursery we ensure our computers are kept safe when children are using them.

Any computers the children have access to without adult supervision do not have internet access and children only have early years learning programmes available. Any nursery computer with internet access that children do have access to are carefully monitored by staff, have anti-virus programmes and high security settings for all online services.

When using the internet at the nursery, children are supervised and pages are checked by staff prior to use before the children have access to them.

If parents are concerned about their computers at home and the safety of their internet access with their children; the following website offers excellent advice on how to make computers and other equipment safe for young children.

The following documents can be found on this website and are specifically aimed at ensuing computers with internet access are secure.

Parents and Carers Check List

Inappropriate Websites – factsheet

Cyberbullying – factsheet

Grooming – factsheet

Parents and Carers – ‘Taking control’