What Parents Say

Over the years, parents have commented on how their children have progressed at Twiglets Nursery. They have been very pleased with what the setting has done to support their child, whilst on their learning journey.

Here is some of the positive feedback we have received from previous parents;


“We have been very pleased with (my child’s) progress during his time at Twiglets.”

“His behaviour, speech and understanding have improved immensely.”

“She talks about nursery, her friends and teachers regularly…thank heavens staffing at Twiglets has remained constant!”

“Twiglets have done a wonderful job in preparing (my child) for his move to school and we will miss you all.”

“As an individual he has developed mentally, physically and emotionally and we are very proud of his progress. This has largely been due to the structured care and attention that he has received whilst at Twiglets.”

“We have been particularly impressed with the wide variety of topics that have been studied as well as the continuing patience and encouragement that we have experienced from all members of staff.”